Life behind the scenes of the modeling business: what is not shown on Instagram

The modeling business is an industry that is fast-paced and exciting, but often has dark sides that are not shown to the general public on Instagram. Here are a few nuances you may not be aware of:

1. Competition

Models are in constant competition with each other to get designers' and clients' attention. This can be a very toxic environment where models are often fighting for their status and the opportunity to get good contracts.

2. Weight Pressure

Many models spend a lot of time and effort trying to maintain their ideal weight, which can lead to eating disorders and the development of mental health problems.

3. insecurity of models

Some agencies and clients may abuse their power and fail to provide an adequate environment for models to work in. This can include erratic schedules, pro bono work, etc.

4. Psychological burden

Models often face negative comments and criticism of their appearance, which can lead to psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

5. Grueling touring

Many models are constantly traveling and living in hotels, which can be very grueling and cause fatigue.

Although many models love working in the industry and enjoying their profession, it is not always as easy as it seems on Instagram.
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