How to choose the right modeling agency: tips for aspiring models

1. Research the market for modeling agencies: learn about the experience, reputation and success stories of different agencies.

2. Choose an agency that specializes in your type of modeling, such as photography, advertising or catwalk.

3. Look at the Instagram and other social media pages of modeling agencies to see the work of their models.

4. Make a list of the modeling agencies you like best and visit their websites.

5. Look for reviews and recommendations from other models and clients of the agency.

6. If possible, talk to other models who are already working at a particular agency.

7. Think about the costs of moving and living in another city where your agency is located.

8. Make sure the agency has a work permit and is registered with the appropriate authorities.

9. Don't forget about your safety and the rights of the model: clarify the terms of the contract and remuneration, as well as the rules of the employment relationship.

10. Do not accept the agency's offers if they do not seem profitable enough or do not correspond to your personal moral principles.
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