Beauty standards in the modeling business: should we follow them?

There are beauty standards in the modeling business, which are often defined by modeling agencies and fashion magazines. Usually these standards include certain physical parameters such as height, weight, body proportions, etc. Some agencies may also require models to have certain looks, such as head shape, eye placement, lip shape, etc.

Although there are certain beauty standards in the modeling industry, following them is not mandatory for all models. Some models, such as plus-size models, may have more varied looks and physical parameters.

In addition, current trends in modeling are aimed at more inclusion of diverse beauty types, such as people of different ethnic groups, people of color, and people of different physiques.

Ultimately, the decision to follow or not follow beauty standards in the modeling business must be made individually by each model. However, it should be kept in mind that if a model wants to work with certain agencies or magazines, she may be forced to meet their appearance requirements.
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