Di Star Models is an established modeling agency situated in Dubai and spearheaded by Eleonora Moiseenko, a distinguished Russian model, singer, and actress. Our squad of specialists is committed to aiding people in gaining entry into the world of elite fashion, be it for advertising, magazine covers, television appearances, or merely displaying their one-of-a-kind fashion sense!

Our method of coaching is extensive, and our skilled mentors assist each person in realizing their full potential as they embark on their modeling journey. We utilize unique techniques to cultivate and advance models, and our emphasis on excellence guarantees that each model is equipped to represent our brand with sophistication and flair.

Our agency collaborates with top-notch designers, stylists, photographers, and makeup artists to provide each model with the necessary resources to attain global recognition, secure lucrative contracts, and earn fair compensation. Our goal is to discover exceptional and distinctive individuals and provide them with training and promotional prospects to help them achieve success. Additionally, we conduct beauty contests, model shows, and VIP events, which serve as a platform for our models to exhibit their abilities and network with industry experts.
We extend a warm invitation to young men and women who are 14 years old and above.

Our modeling academy provides education not only to females who meet conventional modeling requirements but also to those who are interested in discovering their inner beauty, enhancing their appearance, building their self-confidence, and exhibiting poise and grace in public.
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